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Please check the Junk or Spam folder if the email isn't in your Inbox. Otherwise raise a ticket and the support team will assist.

Look out for the activation email in your spam or junk folder and click on the activation link. One must activate their account to be able to log in.

Check that you have activated your account by clicking on the activation email sent to your registration email address. Be sure to check the spam folder as they often end up here, then click on the authentication link. Please note that you can only reset your password after activating the account. Once activated follow the short reset password steps to reset the password.
About this E-learning platform

Take a look at our courses page to find the right course for you. Courses you enroll in can be found on your profile page. If you feel overwhelmed, use the "search" option on the top menu to find exactly what you're looking for.

When you find a course, click on it to be taken to the course registration page. Here you can find information on the course. Click on the "Enroll Now" button, and if you or your company/organization already have a license, you will be taken directly to the course.

The most likely cause of this problem is slow or fluctuating connection speed, we recommend a connection with a consistent speed. To improve your network performance, close all other downloads and check that software on your computer (such as Windows or your virus guard) isn’t currently being updated. If you continue to have problems, we recommend you contact your internet service provider (ISP).

Yes. If you have completed the course but did not achieve the pass mark, you can retake the course by clicking on the 'retake course' button from your course profile.
Phones and Devices

Please check that your internet connection is stable and that you are using the recommended browsers for the best user experience. The elearning platform works on dynamic web browsers. If using an old browser version, you may need to update it to the newer versions as recommended on the website. Old browsers do not respond well with dynamic web pages. The website is optimized to work on the following browsers: - Internet Explorer version 9 or higher - Mozilla - Chrome - Opera mini - Safari browser

The E-learning platform is optimized to work on the following browsers: - Microsoft Edge - Mozilla - Chrome - Opera mini - Safari browser
Your Transform Account

Check that you are using the email address sent in your activation email after registration and the password you set up during registration. In case you have forgotten the password and username and can't trace the activation mail with both details, please click on the reset password button and a reset password link email will be sent to your email. The reset password will also contain your username for easy reference.

Please click on reset password to initiate the process to reset your password. (screenshot / image with the log in page and reset password will be included).

At the top of any page, select the dropdown menu icon next to your username. Select Reset Password. The system sends a confirmation message to the email address in the Email Address field. Select the confirmation link in the email message. Passwords must contain: At least 8 characters At least 1 numeric character At least 1 alphabetical character

If you cannot sign in to your account: Click "Trouble logging in?" then enter your registered email. A password reset message will then be sent you your email address.

You can change your email address on any site page. You use your email address to sign in to your account. At the top of any page, select the dropdown menu icon next to your username. Select 'edit profile'. In the Email Address field, select your current email address and replace it with the new address. If you do not receive a confirmation email, make sure that you typed the email correctly (you can complete the above steps again. ) or check your Junk / Spam folder.

If you've noticed a security vulnerability, please report it by sending an email to support@farwell-consultants.com and we will be sure to check it out right away. Thank you in advance for bringing it to our attention.

Sometimes you might encounter problems trying to view or navigate through erevuka. If you are experiencing any difficulty please follow the troubleshooting tips listed below: If you log into your account through your organization’s network, a browser may launch previous sessions. Clearing cache and cookies can help clear these sessions and enable you to launch a fresh. Check to see if there is any security or privacy software running on your computer that could be affecting your login.

The information collected from users and visitors to edx.org is described and elaborated in the Privacy Policy. Information that erevuka stores about you is available via your account. This includes your profile information, account settings, and your course profile. The course profile lists all current and archived courses in which you are enrolled and includes links to any course certificates you may have earned. The same information is accessed on your profile on the LMS (edX) side. You can also access the course content and view your work and performance on assessments and your posts in public forum discussions in the LMS. If you need assistance locating any of the information available via your erevuka account, please let us know.

Erevuka makes a good effort to comply with the GDPR . As explained in the Privacy Policy, cookies and other technologies are used to track information about your activity on the erevuka website (for example, which pages were visited), as well as system and browser data. This information is archived in a course-based format that serves our mission to improve our offerings.

No, erevuka does not sell or otherwise give your personal data to advertisers.
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