Transform in Action

Our coaching programmes encourage people to Do, Reflect and Learn. Doing things differently. Reflecting on how this changes the outcome. Learning from the experience.

Who will Transform help?

Transform is for Employers who invest in Talent and Employees seeking Personal Development. Transform offers fresh ways to develop new skills and more effective behaviours. Presented in two ways:

Transform helps Companies

If your organisation invests in Talent development, Transform will enable you to create a secure online coaching and training environment for your employees. In your dedicated Academy, you’ll create and curate the Talent Development programmes your organisation needs. Then deliver them to the employees you select. With online testing and certification to make the process even easier. And reports on participant progress and outcomes. Simply create your own programmes in PowerPoint. Transform will add video and animation to inspire participants..

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Transform helps individuals

As an ambitious individual, you take a keen interest in your personal skills development. Transform will help you by offering a wide range of Personal Development Programmes that are easy to access on a pay-as-you-go tariff. Soft skills training, management development programmes, leadership coaching and much more. Written by subject matter experts who want to enhance your contribution to the workplace and improve your career prospects. Let Transform be your personal coach and trainer.

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The Brand Inside

Transform is the proprietary eCoaching platform of The Brand Inside. We coach organisational culture change in the UK, USA, Europe and Africa. Working to create a set of signature employee behaviours that are recognisable inside and outside the organisation. Making it easy for employees to deliver what their Brand is promising.

We improve collaboration and open up internal conversations. Coach leaders and develop managers. We help teams to understand each other better. And we encourage everyone to perform to the best of their ability.

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